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About our Services

Virtual Based

Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, all sessions are virtual based until further notice.

Individual Sessions - $175

Sessions focused on awakening your inner spirit and addressing stress, self love, depression, anxiety, work life balance, healing from trauma, building confidence, and more.

Couple's Wellness Sessions - $225

The session focused on finding peace and synergy within your relationship. Address communication issues, pre-marital counseling, couples counseling, strengthening intimacy, unhealthy habits, and how the new baby is affecting the relationship.

Reproductive Sessions - $175

Therapeutic sessions addressing miscarriages, infertility, geriatric pregnancy, pregnancy support, perinatal grief and loss, postpartum support, family planning, postpartum mood and anxiety, perinatal disorders.

Image by Viviana Rishe

Mom and Baby Therapy/Walk and Talk - $150

A rejuvenating one on one virtual walking session. Breath, chat and walk with me during a therapeutic journey designed to encourage positive habits and reaching personal goals.


Fourth Trimester Coach 

Fourth Trimester coaching is the support every mother needs during the 0-6 month range. This service provides mothers with personalized real-time action plans that bring balance, build confidence, and reduce anxiety centered around the unknown. 

With SMS access to trained professionals, you are in charge of when and how you need us to show up for you. 

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